Today, May 5th, is Election Day
Here's How to Vote
If you're a Canadian citizen, 18 or older and a resident of Alberta for six months, voting is your right.
You do not need to be pre-registered. You do not need a driver's license. You must be given time off work if your shift would otherwise keep you from voting.
Where you vote. What to bring. Making a plan.
WHERE YOU VOTE First, you'll need to find out where you vote. Enter your postal code below, or click here to visit the Elections Alberta website to search by address, postal code or legal land description.
WHAT TO BRING If you are already on the Elector's list at the right address you do not need anything additional to vote. If you are not on the Elector's list you can still vote if you show up with an up-to-date driver's license.
If you do not have a drivers license or it is not up to date you can bring two pieces of ID - one with your name, and one with your name and address.
Identification is defined very loosely by Elections Alberta and includes such things as student and employee IDs, library cards and memberships to fitness clubs, political parties, etc. Proofs of address include utility bills, pay stubs, bank statements and leases. The full list of authorized IDs from Elections Alberta - which is extensive - can be found on their website.
Should you not have ID from the authorized list you are still able to vote by having an elector who is on the voters list in your poll vouch for you.
Family members, roommates and neighbours are all able to vouch for your identity.
MAKE A PLAN Polls are open Today (Tuesday, May 5th) from 9am to 8pm. As long as you are in line at your polling place to vote by 8pm you will not be denied the right to vote.
In most cases, polling stations are just a few minutes away by foot. Think about travel time to your polling station and whether you are able to vote before or after work.
Think about when you intend to head to vote and how you'll get there. You're more likely to vote if you make a plan to do so.
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OKAY... BUT HOW DO I VOTE? In Alberta voters are assigned to specific "polls" based on where they live. Several polls are grouped together into a polling place, which is generally a public building such as a school or church.
When you arrive at your polling place, you will be greeted by staff who will make sure you are registered and direct you to your polling station, which will be a desk in the polling place with a ballot box specific to your poll.
If you need to register you will be first sent to the registration desk where you provide ID or get vouched for as identified above.
You will then be given proof of your registration and pointed to your poll.
If you are on the Elector's list, you simply state your name and address to the polling station clerk. Your voter identification card or ID is not required. If you have just been registered, you simply present what was given to you at the registration desk.
In either case, you will then be given a ballot and pointed towards a vacant voting booth.
Mark your ballot by placing an X in the circle next to the candidate and party you want to support. Any other mark that shows your intent (such as a check mark) is also acceptable, but your ballot will be rejected if there is a mark in more than one circle or if you make any mark that would identify who you are, such as signing your name.
Once your ballot is marked, return to the poll station where you received your ballot. The clerk will pull off the part of the ballot that identifies its number and allow you to place your ballot in the ballot box.
And that's it! You've now voted. The process generally takes less than five minutes.
SPREAD THE WORD You know what you need, you've made your voting plan, now encourage your friends to do the same. Choose your favourite message or messages and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.
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